Sharing knowledge, sharing experiences

CMIP6 data presented at our All Climate is Local workshop on changing temperatures, precipitation levels, and wind speeds paint a clear picture of a warming climate.  However, statistics alone can’t show the whole story.  Native Climate wants to hear more about direct impacts in your communities (such as floods, heatwaves, drought, wildfires, high winds, wildlife changes, air quality) and your responses to them.

To facilitate this knowledge sharing, Native Climate is offering a $600 stipend for up to 30 students to research and create stories about specific climate impacts in their communities and show examples of how the people and the land are adapting to these stressors.  The project encourages diverse approaches to this subject and stories in any form (oral, music, written, visual arts, etc.) are welcome.

As the project moves forward there will be further updates on this page, so please check back for more information!





To be considered for this opportunity, please access the form through the Apply Now button below, fill it out, and email it to Rene Dubay at [email protected].  The form will only take a few minutes to fill out and simply asks you to supply your contact information and some preliminary ideas on your project.


Student Climate projects will be shared between participants at a virtual story circle in March 2023.  If appropriate, finished projects may also be presented on the Native Climate Website.  Sharing indigenous perspectives and knowledge will enrich our understanding of climate issues, and provide help for other communities struggling with similar challenges.

For Current Participants

Project Guidance – Using the CMIP6 Data

The following document provides important information on how to incorporate the CMIP6 dataset into your All Climate is Local project, as well as details on project meetings and deadlines.  Click the button below to download, or view the PDF below.